General Election 2019 / Jennifer Fairbairn

Scottish Conservative and Unionist

I live in Orkney and, although I’m retired, volunteer at the Salvation Army shop in Kirkwall. I’m a former town councillor in Dunstable and district councillor in South Bedfordshire, and also served as Mayor of Dunstable, as well as being a former school governor.

I’m standing because I know there are so many things that can be done better in our islands. I want to see improvements to our ferry links with the south. I want to see our local health and care services properly supported, not always under pressure with the impact that has on patients and staff.

I think it’s vital broadband speeds are vastly improved in Shetland, both for domestic users and our local businesses. And I want to see an end to the Shetland Islands Council’s yearly fight with the Scottish Government on fair funding. The SNP made promises and they should honour them.

I want politics to focus on the issues that matter to people in our islands. But that won’t be able to happen while the other political parties are playing games on Brexit and on independence.

Like many people, I am sick and tired of the shilly shallying around leaving the EU. I know there are some very strong views on both sides, but I think most people just want it sorted and the uncertainty to end.

What worries me, and will worry a lot of people, is that Nicola Sturgeon has made it very clear that she’s willing to put Jeremy Corbyn into government, with the price being another independence referendum.

With the Liberal Democrats not ruling out working with Corbyn, only the Scottish Conservatives stand against that nightmare Sturgeon/Corbyn pact and another vote on breaking up the UK.

And it’s only the Conservatives at Westminster who can put an end to the game playing over Brexit and make sure we leave the EU and leave with a deal. The only alternative is Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour and another EU referendum with the option to Remain on the ballot paper.

A vote for the Scottish Conservatives is a vote to get Brexit sorted, to say No to Nicola Sturgeon and her plans for another divisive referendum on independence and to get the focus back on the issues that most local folk worry about.

Please give me your support on the 12 December and, if you would like any more information or want to know how you can help with my campaign, you can contact me via:

Contact details:

Telephone: 01856 525099