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Election letters 2019 / Thank you for a fair election campaign

The by-elections for Shetland have passed, the winners announced and some days of rest from campaigning have gone by.

This is a good moment to say Thank You to all involved.

The first thanks should go to the voters regardless for whom they voted for. No election without voters.

Obviously my heartfelt thanks go to everybody who supported me. More than 10 per cent thought I would have been the right man for the job. Great. Thank you again.

Very important are also all the people working behind the scene. I just would like to mention Anne Cogle standing for many others, who has been helping friendly and patiently with all the issues carried to her.

There are the ladies at the ballot boxes, kind guardians for 16 long hours, and the staff in the Lerwick Town Hall. Thank you to you all.

I also would like to thank my fellow candidates for the fairness during the campaign and congratulate Stephen Flaws for winning the Lerwick South seat.

Arwed Wenger
Lerwick Community Councillor