Education / School’s damaged windows could be replaced in October holidays

The new Anderson High School seen from Staney Hill with the Clickimin Leisure Centre in the background. Photo: Shetland News
The new Anderson High School. Photo: Shetland News

TWO damaged roof windows at the Anderson High School are expected to be replaced in the October holidays, with protective scaffolding being constructed in the meantime.

Hundreds of pupils and staff had the day off today (Thursday) and will do so again on Friday as essential maintenance is carried out.

Photo: BBC Radio Shetland

Scaffolders have been in the school to begin construction of a scaffold below the windows to protect pupils and staff.

The windows are near the top of the building, around 15 metres above ground floor level, and above the main entrance to the school used daily by pupils and staff.

Children’s services director Helen Budge said: “The safety of pupils and staff is our first concern. Although there’s only a small risk, these are large and heavy windows, at significant height, which are located in the main thoroughfare of the school.

“It’s therefore essential to put overhead scaffolding protection in place until the glazed units can be replaced with new ones, hopefully during the October break.”

It is understood that one possible cause for the damage is birds dropping stones on the windows.