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Council / Wishart’s resignation triggers Lerwick by-election

Shetland MSP Beatrice Wishart. Photo: Malcolm Younger/Millgaet Media

THE GOOD people of Lerwick South will be asked to cast their vote again after newly elected MSP Beatrice Wishart resigned from her post as a councillor.

She said: “I hope the people of Lerwick South ward will understand that although I will no longer be one of their councillors I will continue to represent them albeit in a different way”.

Wishart, who also served as depute convener, paid tribute to her former colleagues saying: “When I was welcomed to the council the support and guidance I received, particularly from senior councillors and officers, was greatly appreciated.

“I am also very grateful to convener Malcolm Bell for his support and the opportunity to be his depute. I will continue to work with the council with a shared goal of seeking the best future for Shetland”.

“Obviously this now leaves a vacancy in Lerwick South and I would encourage anyone who thinks they would like to become a councillor to use this opportunity to put their name forward.

“Women and young people are under-represented on the council but anyone who is prepared to work hard for the best interests of the ward, and Shetland as a whole, will find it very rewarding.

Paying tribute to councillor Wishart council convener Malcolm Bell said: “Beatrice has been an excellent representative for Lerwick South on the council since 2017.

“I am very sorry to see her go but of course, totally understand why she must.  I want to thank Beatrice for her service as a councillor and am particularly grateful to her for agreeing to serve as my deputy convener.  I wish her well in her new role as Shetland’s representative in Holyrood.”

Lerwick South is a four member ward. The three other councillors are Peter Campbell, Cecil Smith and Amanda Hawick.

A date for the by-election has not been confirmed yet.