Arts / Rockers launch crowdfunder to help pay for UK tour

Forgotten Sons - left to right: John Valentine, Birdy Burgess, John Gair, Sandy Middleton.

A LOCAL rock band have launched an online crowdfunding campaign to help pay the cost of travelling off Shetland to tour.

Forgotten Sons are offering downloads, merchandise and even live performances in return for cash ahead of an October UK tour.

The quartet – Birdy Burgess, John Gair, Sandy Middleton and John Valentine – will be playing “from Lerwick to London” in support of their third EP.

“Touring, especially for a band from Shetland, is expensive,” drummer Gair said.

“Between van rental, fuel costs, instrument and gear maintenance, accommodation, promotion and of course food it’s a miracle we even make it out the door sometimes.

“We are very grateful for any support we are given to help get us on our way.”

The band did have sponsorship lined up for the tour, but it fell through due to “unfortunate events”.

Earlier this year Forgotten Sons joined the roster of New York based Manic Kat Records.