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Community / Promote Shetland keen to hear about your commute

PEOPLE are being asked to share their experiences of their commute to work or school run as part of a new Promote Shetland campaign.

Locals are encouraged to share photos or videos of their commute or school run, or blog about their trips.

Stories can be shared with Promote Shetland via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @promoteshetland, using the hashtag #myshetlandcommute or by email to info@shetland.org.

A video featuring Ninian boss Joanna Hunter’s commute from Burra has been produced to lead the campaign.

Promote Shetland project manager Lauren Doughton said: “It’s not often that you hear someone say that their commute is a pleasure, but in Shetland with the excellent roads and spectacular scenery it really is true.

“Traffic jams, delays and overcrowded public transport are just not something we have to deal with.

“We’re very fortunate in Shetland that most us can leave work and get home within an hour, often much less, allowing us to spend time with our families, take part in hobbies or get outside into the fresh air and experience nature, something that just isn’t possible for folk working in city centres south.

“Of course, there are a few in Shetland who do have longer commutes, particularly if they live and work on two different islands, but I think it’s fair to say that a scenic ferry trip is more relaxing than an overcrowded train journey.

“For many people considering making the move to Shetland this ability to have a fulfilling working life, but still be present and participate in family life and achieve a good work/life balance is one of the biggest draws.”