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Business / Co-working space opens in Lerwick

THE WORLDWIDE trend of co-working is coming to Shetland with local web design and digital marketing business JLP Internet opening the isles’ first co-working and hot-desking space this week.

CoWork Shetland is based in Lerwick’s town centre at Bank Lane and offers six full-time permanent desks, as well as ten ‘hot desks’ that can be booked day-to-day or on monthly memberships.

JLP Internet owner John Pottinger said the concept of co-working and shared space has excelled across the country in recent years, with a number of hubs across the UK’s largest cities.

“CoWork Shetland will look to bring together Shetland’s small businesses, creatives and freelancers – allowing people to connect with one another, while also having the ideal environment to grow their business,” he said.

“With Shetland’s thriving scene of small businesses and freelancers working from home, the space can be the next step towards growth, while also removing the anxiousness, and sometimes loneliness, that accompanies working from home.”

CoWork Shetland offers six full-time permanent desks, as well as ten ‘hot desks’.

JLP Internet had originally operated from Pottinger’s house, but not being comfortable with having his home address published across the company’s website and social media, he decided to hire office space in town.

This became a driving force for opening the facility, he said, giving “opportunity to those who want that space away from home.”

There are also two full offices for larger businesses that are at the next stage in their growth.

Those who move in will have access to fast broadband, and all amenities are included in the price. The company said it has had already some initial enquiries this week.

CoWork Shetland can be contacted via their website www.coworkshetland.com or by e-mail hello@coworkshetland.com