By-Election 2019 / Peter Tait


I am standing in this election on a constitutional issue which I reckon transcends other issues facing our country at this time and which is simply going unaddressed

I would like someone else address the subject but I have come to the conclusion that this is not going to happen.

My conclusion is that the monarchy is Scottish by design and English by accident.  As a consequence of this anomaly the monarchy was bonded to the Protestant side of the Catholic Protestant division by the Act of Settlement of 1701.

This would not have happened if the monarchy had stayed Scottish with Scotland’s large Catholic minority.

This has been the cause of endless problems in our country from the gunpowder plot to the Jacobite rebellions.  The Irish free state to the troubles in Ireland in modern times.  This has caused the deaths of thousands of people and continuous to cause problems right up to the present day.

Therefore, I feel that the root cause of the problems has to be addressed.  Government continuously address the symptoms, as they flare up, addressing the symptom does not address the problem and it simply flares up again in a different way.

True, it is not a local issue but if you want to address a constitutional issue you have to put yourself up for election in a democratic situation where local issues are highest on the list.

Because of the Catholic Protestant polarisation and the associated monarchy issue politics in this country does stretch up to an area where politics and religion mix.  Unless you are qualified or otherwise initiated in these subjects you cannot govern the country successfully.

I feel that the issues involved are quite simple.

I feel less comfortable when it comes to so called local issues because my interest in them is casual. So-called local government is doing reasonably well and I have no bone to pick.

I am confident I can address these local issues if it becomes my job but not necessarily  any better than the other candidates.

When it comes to the constitutional issue, I am in  a league of my own except perhaps for the SNP who want to surrender the freedom of our country to the Europeans.

I do not think that being part of the UK threatens our freedom I am an avid supporter of the union.

I believe in Brexit because I do not think it is our destiny to be part of the EU.  I do not think another referendum would produce a different result.  I accept that freedom from Europe may involve an economic penalty.  I also believe that the constitutional changes I am promoting should come before Brexit.

If crashing out of Europe means that we have a flare up of problems in Ireland then the move becomes irrational.

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