Letters / Brexit day of action

As Britain lurches ever closer to a disastrous exit from the European Union it is becoming crystal clear that the UK Government is willing to sacrifice 45 years of prosperity, cooperation and peace to satisfy a small hard-line xenophobic element in the Tory party.

The crisis facing all four UK nations is now so alarming that cross-party efforts to prevent it are not only desirable but absolutely essential, if a catastrophe is to be averted.


I know there is common ground on this issue between members of all political parties across the political spectrum in Shetland and I feel now is the time for us all to come together to try to avert this crisis. Yes, we have differences, but this is a time to put these aside and speak with one voice.

A national day of action is proposed on 23 March and we would hope that a joint demonstration is held in Shetland on that day. If you think the same way, please get in touch with me and we can make sure Shetland has a voice.

Ian Malcolmson
SNP Shetland convenor