Letters / Campaigning against his own act?

Alistair Carmichael MP held a meeting in Shetland, last Friday, thereby associating himself with a potential positive outcome from the Women Against State Pension Injustice (WASPI) campaign (Pensioners fuming over government ‘theft’; SN, 11/01/2019).

However, Mr Carmichael omitted to mention that he was part of the Coalition Government in 2011 that unjustly brought about a second amendment to the pensionable age of the WASPI women, in the form of an act, which brought forward the deadline and further increased their hardship.


Not only that but Mr Carmichael was in fact the government depute chief whip of the House of Commons and Liberal Democrat chief whip at the time.

In short, he was personally responsible for enabling the Tories to get enough votes in the House of Commons to cheat many thousands of women out of the pensions they’d previously been promised.

The SNP, led by Mhairi Black MP, has tirelessly and effectively campaigned on behalf of the WASPI women across the UK, for years.

It is anticipated that an important court case against the government will shortly be won.

Is Mr Carmichael really campaigning against his own act or just hoping nobody checks his Wikipedia page?

Angela Sutherland