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Community / Grant funding to tackle sexism

Shetland Rape Crisis to receive £25,000 from the Justice and Equality Fund.

SHETLAND Rape Crisis is to benefit from £25,000 in funding for a project that aims to tackle sexism and harassment in rural communities.

The Lerwick based service that supports victims of sexual violence is planning to work with five other grassroots organisations across the Highlands.

The money, announced on the UN’s human rights day, comes from the Justice and Equality Fund, which has been set up by British celebrities in response to the #MeToo movement. Actor Emma Watson is reported to have donated £1 million to the fund.

Linda Gray of Shetland Rape Crisis said: “Women in rural communities face particular challenges around sexual harassment because they may not feel able to report it, which is why we are delighted to have been funded by the Justice and Equality Fund.

“The grant will go directly to women to raise awareness and support them to call out sexual harassment, so that together we’re all safer at work and in public.”

Dundee International Women’s Centre (£6,000) and Rape and Sexual Abuse Service Highland (£16,000) were also successful in the latest round of grants from the fund.

Barbara Broccoli, director of TIME’S UP UK, said:“The Justice and Equality Fund is vital in enabling grassroots organisations to continue the crucial work they have been doing.

“Donations are important to ensure under resourced organisations are able to support the women who need it most. The power of the Justice and Equality Fund is that it can directly support frontline organisations in ending the culture of sexual harassment.”

The fund itself is managed is managed by Rosa, a charitable organisation set up to support initiatives that benefit girls and women in the UK.

Since its inception earlier this year the Justice and Equality Fund has distributed £1,306,220to women in the UK.