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Parcel delivery just got easier as new service opens

A DELIVERY charge campaigner has welcomed a new service that could make deliveries to Shetland easier and cheaper.

North Isles member for Shetland Islands Council Ryan Thomson has welcomed Monday’s launch of Highland Parcels which offers members delivery of packages to depots throughout the Highlands and Islands for a flat £4.99 fee.

Thomson, a long-time campaigner for fair delivery charges, said that the new service, an offshoot of Menzies Parcels, was a “step in the right direction” and hoped it would be around to benefit islanders for a long time.

North Isles councillor Ryan Thomson. Photo: Shetland NewsRyan Thomson: “It is a step forward”.

He said: “This is long overdue. It is excellent that they are putting in this service to Shetlanders. It bridges the gap somewhat to alleviating the experience of getting items to and from Shetland”.

Instead of being rebuffed by firms that refuse to deliver to remote addresses, or charged excessive amounts, customers can have their parcels send to Highland Parcels’ Linwood depot, where, on payment of the fee, the parcel is dispatched to Streamline’s Garthspool Road depot for collection. Alternatively, for an extra charge, delivery can be made to the customer’s door.

Lerwick is one of 17 depots across the Highlands and Islands, Argyll and Grampian covered by the new service.

Highland Parcels dubs itself a “surcharge busting, cost effective and convenient service available to customers who live in the coverage area (parts of Scotland that traditionally carry a surcharge for delivery services). It will also enable you to order from retailers that don’t deliver to your postcode.”

Thomson said that having to pick up parcels from Lerwick was still a faff for people from the North Isles, but it was nonetheless a big improvement on previous arrangements.

More information can be found at: https://www.highlandparcels.com/