Arts / ‘Persistence and patience’ pays off for local photographer

A LOCAL photographer has had his work seen across the world after he was asked to shoot images in London for the New York Times.

Lerwick based photographer Liam Henderson.

Liam Henderson was commissioned by the famed newspaper to photograph musician Neneh Cherry at her home for a feature.

The Swede won two Brit Awards in 1990, while she has also been nominated for Grammys too.

Henderson got he commission after keeping in touch with the newspaper’s picture editor.

“It’s really rewarding to see the photos published by such a renowned publication,” he said.


“It makes the endless hours of work all worth it. I hope it’s only the beginning and I can keep working towards more exciting projects like this one.”

Henderson, who specialises in portrait photography, encouraged Shetlanders to pursue work on the mainland even if they are living in the isles.

“There’s always going to be challenges. In my case travel is a major disadvantage and a big cost but on the flip side it’s certainly not cheap to live in London for example,” he said.


“I often debate with myself if I should be in London to progress as a photographer but there’s an argument for both sides.

“If I was to move to London I would become an extremely small fish in a large pond but it would allow me to go to face to face portfolio meetings and since a lot of shoots are there it would remove most travel costs.

“But, living in Shetland provides a unique opportunity to stand out from the crowd and has definitely helped my portfolio as well as being an interesting talking point for connections I make.

“At the end of the day you might lose out sometimes to people closer but with persistence and patience I think it’s possible.”