iPad donated to allow parents to receive baby video updates

Marie Manson (left), Shetland Sands chairperson, with senior charge midwife Elaine McCover.

AN iPAD which will allow parents to receive video updates of their newborn child when they are separated has been donated to Lerwick’s Gilbert Bain Hospital.

The device was given to the maternity hospital by Shetland Sands, which provides befriending and support for anyone who has gone through the loss of their baby.


NHS Shetland has worked with Aberdeen’s neonatal unit to introduce the Attend Anywhere app, which will allow parents to view live video of their baby and participate in decision making – even if they are hundreds of miles away.

While the health board seeks to transfer mothers with their babies, sometimes medical or logistical reasons means this is not possible.

As previously reported, Aberdeen Maternity Hospital’s neonatal unit launched a scheme earlier this year to allow parents with children in the department to receive video updates.

Shetland Sands also donated keepsake key rings to the Gilbert Bain, which can be used by parents who have a lost a baby.