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Lifeboat fundraising for defibrillator

THE LERWICK lifeboat team has launched a fundraiser to buy a public defibrillator which will be fitted on the outside of its station in the centre of town.

The crew hope to raise £1,200 for the equipment and protective housing.

The defibrillator would be able to be used by anyone.

British Heart Foundation will also provide some grant funding towards the device.

A defibrillator provides essential lifesaving support for anyone who has suffered a cardiac arrest, with the device analysing the heart rhythm and if necessary, delivering an electric shock to help to restore a normal heart beat.

Coxswain Darren Harcus said: “For anyone in the unfortunate position of having suffered a heart attack, we know that the sooner a defibrillator can be used, the better their chances of survival.

“We’d like to install a defibrillator outside of the lifeboat station, which is obviously close to the waterfront, as well as to many homes, businesses and public areas in the town centre.

“We will of course be grateful for any support from the community towards the costs of this project.”

The fundraising appeal can be supported at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/defib-lerwick