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Report sought for man who made abusive calls

A SOCIAL work report has been demanded for a man who admitted making a bizarre string of abusive calls to a disabled acquaintance.

Scott Johnson, 23, of Twageos Road in Lerwick, pleaded guilty to making”vile” anonymous calls to a man with mental and physical disabilities, at Lerwick Sheriff Court today.

The harassment had gone on from 22 February to 6 April this year and left the victim feeling isolated and alienated from the community to the extent of wishing to move away from Shetland.

The court heard that Johnson was only detected after the police got involved and were able to trace the calls to a phone belonging to a friend of his, who told them Johnson had frequently used his phone.

Procurator fiscal Duncan MacKenzie said that the calls were “vile” and particularly aimed at mocking the complainer’s disability. No explanation had been given why the calls, totalling 23 in number, were made, but it could only be assumed it was to satisfy Johnson’s warped sense of humour.

Defence agent Tommy Allan said that Johnson was deeply ashamed, remorseful and embarrassed by what he had done and had apologised to the complainer in person.

Sheriff Ian Cruickshank said that what he had heard seemed a “shocking course of conduct” with a lasting impact on a vulnerable person. He called for greater detail on the content of the calls and a social work report and restriction of liberty assessment before the next hearing on 29 August.