Man stole almost £6,000

A LERWICK man was sent to jail for 10 months after he admitted stealing a pensioner’s debit card and withdrawing almost £5,700 between the 2 and 15 April this year.

Lerwick Sheriff Court heard on Thursday morning how 25 year old Trevor Couper, of the town’s Hoofield area, had befriended the pensioner and agreed to walk his dog while he was in hospital.

Procurator Duncan Mackenzie said the victim had left his wallet unsecured in the house. It was not known how Couper had obtained the PIN necessary to withdraw fund from bank machines, the fiscal added.

The court heard that the bankcard had been used daily during the two week period when a total of £5,693.98 was withdrawn.

Defence solicitor Tommy Allan said while there had been an understanding that some money was due to his client, there was no authorisation to this amount of money.

He said Couper accepts that he should not have been taken the money but couldn’t resist it.

Jailing Couper, sheriff Ian Cruickshank said the offence was “a despicable crime committed on a very vulnerable individual.”