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More vehicles to be scrapped

A material handler at John Lawrie Group's Rova Head base. Photo: Shetland News

REDUNDANT vehicles of all makes will now be able to be uplifted in the isles after a deal was struck between Shetland Amenity Trust (SAT) and scrap metal specialist John Lawrie Group.

Over the last couple of years only certain makes contracted to the Car Take Back scheme were eligible to be uplifted by the trust, which has collected end of life vehicles and agricultural machinery for 30 years.

However, SAT is now collaborating with John Lawrie Group – which took over the 60 North Site scrap metal site at Rova Head in Lerwick last year – to expand the range of vehicles eligible for uplift in the isles.

John Lawrie Group is working with a number of local and national agencies, including Autogreen, to enable it to accept all makes of vehicles at the Lerwick site.

SAT environmental improvement project officer Sita Goudie said over 20,000 tonnes of scrap has been removed by the trust since 1988.

“This service has also been successful in clearing and closing illegal dumps and working with the local authority to clear abandoned vehicles,” she said.

“Shetland now has significantly less redundant vehicles and machinery rusting into the ground and has all but stopped the disposal of these items over the cliffs and in illegal dumps.

“It has been frustrating that over the past two years we have been unable to uplift all makes of vehicles but we are very pleased to be working with John Lawrie Group to reinstate this.”

Ray Grant, environmental director with John Lawrie Group, added: “Since taking on the site at Rova Head we have made significant investment to enable us to undertake a range of work required by both the local and offshore industries, as well as the local community.

“We were aware that there has been an issue with end of life vehicles on the islands for a while and are very pleased to have reached agreements which enable us to accept all makes.”

Vehicle owners can request uplift of their end of life vehicles through the Shetland Amenity Trust website.

If a vehicle has been abandoned it should be reported to Shetland Islands Council’s environmental health team on 01595 745250.