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Biehl returns with new works

AN EXHIBITION with new works from Danish artist Peter Biehl, who intermittently lives in Tresta, will open at Vaila Fine Art this Saturday at 6pm.

Biehl’s drawings of local wildlife are immediately recognisable as they are easily accessible and pleasing on the eye.

His portraits of flowers, birds, otters, rabbits, cattle, sheep and ponies are all captured while working outdoors. There are also three dramatic landscapes included in the show.

Biehl previously exhibited drawings of local flora and fauna at Vaila Fine Art during the summer of 2011.

Biehl trained at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Copenhagen, funding his studies by working at night as a taxi driver. He then worked as a college art teacher in Denmark, with two memorable years spent at Thule Air Base in far Northern Greenland.

He first discovered Shetland twenty years ago and even settled here for a period following his retirement.

“Shetland with its perpetual poetical nonchalance has been an inevitable challenge to my art,” he said of the islands’ attraction.

The exhibition at the Lerwick gallery will run until July.