Rhoda Bulter Award open

Rhoda Bulter.

SHORT stories written in local dialect are being sought for this year’s Rhoda Bulter Award.

The theme of this year’s competition is ‘Da Wadder’ and entries need to be submitted by 31 August.

The annual competition takes place in honour of Rhoda Bulter, the celebrated late dialect writer, with the winner receiving a trophy.


It is organised by local dialect group Shetland ForWirds, with Rhoda’s sons and daughters on hand to judge the entries.

Speaking on behalf of the family, John Bulter said: “We wanted tae return tae written dialect works, so dis year it’s anidder short story, wi da theme o ‘Da Wadder’.

“Da Shetland dialect is rich wi words concerned wi da wadder – some o da less common terms is in maam’s poem ‘Whit’s on an da Wadder’.

“Iverybody is affected by da wadder in some wye an da subject provides boundless opportunity for great yarns. We hiv hed some terrific stories in da past an ir lookin forward ta mair. “

Shetland ForWirds convener Davy Cooper added: “The changin themes and media every year keeps it fresh and excitin and allows a wide variety o different artists and writers ta takk pairt.

“Dis year it’s da writers’ turn and, if past performance is onything ta go by, wir bound ta see some truly interestin stuff.”

Stories have to be written in the Shetland dialect and they must be no longer than 2,500 words.

Anyone keen to get more information should contact info@shetlanddialect.org.uk or get in touch with Mary Blance on 01595 694104.