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Gospel for Shetland

A GROUP of local Christians from different dominations are hosting a series of meetings to tackle life’s big questions.

Gospel for Shetland has booked Lerwick Town Hall for almost two weeks starting on Sunday evening.

Every night the group hope to engage Christians and non-Christians in discussions and reflections on questions such as why bother with God, or whether Christianity is still credible.

The eleven evening meetings, starting at 7.30pm, will all be led by religious speaker Stephen Grant.

One of the organisers, Alasdair MacPherson from Brae, said the events were an attempt to take religion out of churches and meet people in a different setting.

“There is an awareness among churches that religious environments are not environments that people feel comfortable going into. That’s why we wanted to do something in a venue like the town hall,” he said.

“These are not religious meetings, there is no hymn singing, it is a public lecture trying to answer some of these big questions inevitably people have.

“To hear the answers to these questions people don’t need to come to church.”

Gospel for Shetland kicks off on Sunday at 7.30pm when the subject will be: God – why should I bother?

All events are free of charge. More info at: https://www.gospelforshetland.com/events/

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