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Shetland Arts secures funding

Shetland Arts general manager Graeme Howell: running the organisation will 'continue to be challenging'. Photo: Adam JonesShetland Arts chief executive Graeme Howell. Photo: Adam Jones

SHETLAND Arts has secured £750,000 in funding from Creative Scotland over the next three years.

General manager Graeme Howell said he was “extremely pleased” to see the organisation maintain its grant level, although it was slightly less than it asked for.

He added that it will “allow us to continue to ensure that all of Shetland’s residents have access to cultural and artistic activity, and to continue to bring work of national and international significance to the islands.”

Over 180 organisations applied for funding but around 120 were successful.

Howell admitted that the next three years will “continue to be challenging”, but he remains optimistic after Shetland Arts made an operating surplus for the second year running.

“Our staff have done an excellent job of finding ways to improve efficiency and maximise our resources over the last three years, and I’m confident that we will continue to be able to do so in the future, and Creative Scotland’s ongoing support will provide us with a firm foundation to work from.”

Chairwoman Lorraine Hall said the funding award was a “recognition of the excellent work that we have done so far, and a vote of confidence in our ability to continue to provide an outstanding service to Shetland”.

Scottish Parliament election, 6 May 2021