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Get your walking boots on

NHS Shetland is on the lookout for volunteers from across the isles to organise short walks in their local area.

The walks would last between 30-60 minutes and they would be aimed at beginners to encourage more locals to become active this year.

Anyone interested in leading their local area is asked to attend a Paths For All walk leader training course in Sandwick between 9.30am and 4.30pm on 27 January.

Some leaders hold one-off walks throughout the year, while some run a series of walks for six to eight weeks.

Others have held walks on a fortnightly basis with occasional breaks for holidays.

NHS Shetland says walking with a small group can “help people build the confidence they need to walk on their own and improve their health” as well as helping to combat loneliness.

Anyone interested in volunteering is asked to contact Lauren Peterson on 01595 807494 or

The NHS’ Healthy Shetland team is also encouraging people to sign up for its annual Walk Da Rock step count challenge this month.

It will run from 9am on 15 January to midnight on 25 February and it will see people join a team and link up their step counting app, such as Fitbit, online.

Alternatively people can submit their step counts manually, while a limited number of pedometers available from the health improvement team.

To sign up for the challenge, visit here.

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