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Bar and nightclub assaults

A MAN from Derbyshire who became a “downright thuggish nuisance” in a Lerwick pub before assaulting two men has been told to pay £600 in compensation.

Defence agent Tommy Allan said John Morgan, of Hartshorne, had been in Shetland for his grandmother’s funeral before heading to the Thule pub on 16 June.

The 38 year old was also given a £150 fine after he pleaded guilty to assaulting a man by repeatedly punching him on the body, wrestling with him and punching him on the head to his injury.

Morgan also admitted assaulting a different man by repeatedly throwing punches at him and punching him on the head, also to his injury.

Procurator fiscal Duncan Mackenzie said the incident kicked off at around 1pm when Morgan followed two fellow drinkers back into the pub after meeting them outside while smoking.

His behaviour was “hyperactive” and was consistent with someone who had taken “illicit substances”, the fiscal said.

Morgan then became a “downright thuggish nuisance” inside the pub, with the victim in the first charge initially displaying “commendable restraint” before pushing the man away after he kept trying to hug him.

A barman at the pub told Morgan to leave but he then started “dancing around…shadow boxing” and assaulted the two men before being restrained.

The customer suffered swelling in one of his eye sockets and the barman received a bloody nose.

Allan said the roof tiler had consumed “quite a bit” of drink before he attended the pub but said there was no evidence of drug use.

The solicitor said his client readily admitted the charges once he saw CCTV of the incident, with Morgan “ashamed” of his actions.

Sheriff Philip Mann said Morgan been acting like a “clown” and “unfortunately it had consequences for wholly innocent people”.

A TWENTY eight year old woman from Brae who assaulted a fellow nightclub reveller was ordered to pay £300 in compensation in addition to a £200 fine at Lerwick Sheriff Court on Thursday.

Jessica Callaghan, of Gossaford, admitted repeatedly punching the woman on the head to her injury at Posers on 28 May.

Procurator fiscal Duncan Mackenzie said the assault took place on the dance floor after the victim was bumped into.

The incident was broken up before the victim’s head began bleeding “profusely” from a one inch cut which had to be treated in hospital.

Mackenzie said the assault had “quite an impact on the complainer”, adding that she “doesn’t have the same degree of confidence” anymore.

The fiscal said Callaghan sent the victim on a message on Facebook the day after – but he told court that her explanation was “inconsistent” with what happened.

Defence agent Tommy Allan said his client suffers from “catastrophic thinking” – a condition where people expect the worst to happen.

He said that kicked into play when Callaghan had to bend down between people’s legs to get her bag off the floor before leaving the venue.

The solicitor said someone took hold of her after she bumped into someone, with the assault then ensuing.

Sheriff Philip Mann said he hoped Callaghan’s visit to court was a “salutary lesson” for her and her last appearance in the dock.

“This was clearly totally out of order no matter what the circumstances,” he said.