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Food and drink group launches new website

SHETLAND’s food and drink sector has launched a brand new website as a shop window to showcase the isles’ culinary delights.

The www.tasteofshetland.com site features the produce and services of 37 full and associate members of Shetland Food and Drink (SFAD).

It includes a four-minute video on local food and recipes, and profiles all its members via an interactive map.

It also has a small online shop, a blog and an events section with the latest news on forthcoming highlights including the annual Taste of Shetland festival.

Shetland Food and Drink (SFAD) chairwoman Marian Armitage said: “Shetland has one of the most pristine environments in the UK and the food and drink which is produced here is exceptional. Shetland has a wealth of great produce as part of its DNA, its heritage.

“However, it has traditionally ‘kept its light under a bushel’ when it comes to promoting the wealth of produce we have here.

“So, with the growing interest both in and outwith Shetland in provenance of food and drink and regional production it is the perfect time for tasteofshetland.com to be launched.”

Jill Franklin, who was recently appointed as manager of the trade association, added: “We want tasteofshetland.com to be an online hub for everyone.

“Whether you are someone considering having a holiday in Shetland, are a past visitor and fan from afar or you live here, you will find a wealth of information. We want the site to be content-rich, informative, and ever-changing.”

The new website is part of a three-year plan to promote local produce. It recently received £85,000 in funding from the EU-sponsored LEADER programme, Shetland Islands Council and Highlands and Islands Enterprise.

In addition, the group has been successful in attracting a significant number of corporate sponsorship deals, including Loganair.

The airline became a “gold sponsor” only last week. This will include wide-ranging marketing and advertising initiatives with SFAD.

Loganair commercial director Kay Ryan said: “There are lot of opportunities to work with SFAD to inspire more people to come to the isles to enjoy food and drink.

“This sponsorship demonstrates our commitment to Shetland, its people and its businesses, and we look forward to working with SFAD to grow and develop Shetland’s exciting and thriving food and drink sector.”


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