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Divers recover old bullets from seabed

The ammunition was discovered by divers near Sellaness last weekend. Photo courtesy of Lerwick Police Station.

EXPLOSIVES officers are due in Shetland in the coming days to dispose of a large number of old bullets recovered from the seabed by a diver near Sellaness at the weekend.

The ammunition, which may have come from a Naval warship, is contained within a large magazine and it has been stored safely at Lerwick Police Station since it was handed in on Saturday.

The bullets are thought to have been under water for some time. Explosive ordnance disposal officers from the mainland will inspect and dispose of the bullets later this week.

Local officers have been told to keep the bullets under water until then as there is a risk they could become unstable.

Police chief Lindsay Tulloch said: “I can confirm that a number of bullets/ammunition has been handed to the police at Lerwick by a diver who recovered them from the seabed off Sellaness.

“The ammunition is contained within a magazine and has obviously been submerged for some time, possibly from a naval warship.

“The ammunition will be safely stored at Lerwick Police Station and explosive ordinance disposal officers will attend and dispose of the ammunition in the next couple of days.”

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