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Trust confirms Wool Week not at risk

Shetland Amenity Trust chairman Brian Gregson is a huge fan of Shetland Wool Week. Photo: Malcolm Younger/Millgaet Media

SHETLAND Amenity Trust has reiterated that the popular Wool Week is not under threat following the SIC’s decision not to award the £400,000 Promote Shetland contract.

There was an outcry among locals and visitors alike who feared the event may be pulled in case the Promote Shetland contract was to be taken in-house by the council.

However, the trust has now confirmed that Shetland Wool Week is safe as it not formally part of the Promote Shetland service anymore.

Trust chairman Brian Gregson also thanked those who have expressed concern for Wool Week.

Earlier this week, the SIC said it would re-tender the Promote Shetland contract after the only two bids were deemed unacceptable.

Council officials said it wants the service to focus more on attracting people to live in and invest in Shetland, rather than on heritage and tourism.

Gregson added that the trust would assist the council in the interim period after the current Promote Shetland contract ends on 30 June.

“The concept of Promote Shetland was originally developed by Shetland Islands Council and it is a hugely valuable initiative, which trustees fully support,” Gregson said.

“A great deal has been achieved and the Shetland Amenity Trust very much hopes that the good work done under the Promote Shetland banner can continue in the years ahead.

“The Shetland Amenity Trust will do whatever it can to assist in ensuring that there is continuity in the services that Promote Shetland provides while a new contract process proceeds.”

Researched showed that last year’s Wool Week boosted the local economy to the tune of over half a million pounds, which represented a 70 per cent increase on 2015.

Attendance figures nearly doubled as over 3,000 tickets were sold for 200 different classes and events.