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Scientist’s talk on the search for life on other planets

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A SCIENTIST whose research focuses on the search and understanding of extra-terrestrial life is returning to Shetland to give a talk about just that.

Professor Charles Cockell is the head of the UK Centre for Astrobiology at the University of Edinburgh, which is affiliated to the NASA Astrobiology Institute.

The institute seeks to advance our understanding of how molecules and organisms respond and adapt to extreme environments.

Professor Cockell’s current activities include undertaking studies of life under high radiation environments and in environments at below background levels of radiation. 

He is also investigating the habitability of fluids on Mars and whether that planet ever had conditions suitable for life.

On Sunday (21 May), he will give an illustrated talk about his work at the auditorium of the Shetland Museum and Archives.

Professor Cockell is no stranger to the isles, having lectured here in 2012 and again together with the Astronomer Royal for Scotland in 2014.

A few years back, pupils from Shetland schools attended two Astrobiology summer schools, run by the Edinburgh University.

  • Sunday’s talk, starting at 7pm, has been organised by Shetland Science Outreach Group. Admission is free; any donations will be hugely appreciated.