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Woman hit partner on the head with a cooking pan

A YOUNG woman who repeatedly kicked her partner in the head and then attacked him with a cooking pan was fined £300 when she appeared at Lerwick Sheriff Court on Tuesday.

India Lockyer, 23, a care worker who lives in Marthastoon, Aith, admitted assaulting the man twice in the same day on 9 November last year.

Procurator fiscal Duncan Mackenzie told the court that Lockyer reacted badly when the man asked her whether she was still seeing her former partner. She repeatedly struck him on the head and body, grabbed him by the throat, hit him with a remote control and kicked him on the head and body.

The complainer then went to bed but when he awoke decided to wake her up by throwing a glass of water over her. She responded by punching and kicking him, before striking him on the head with a pan.

He ran to a neighbour’s house and requested that police and ambulance attend. He was treated in hospital for superficial wounds.

Defence agent Gregor Kelly said his client’s conduct was “entirely unacceptable”, and it was “only through chance that the injuries were minor”.

Lockyer and the man, who does not live in Shetland, were in the early stages of a relationship, and she continued to maintain good relations with her ex, with whom she has a three year old daughter.

She was exasperated and lost control, Kelly said, and she has made counter allegations against the man.

Sheriff Philip Mann said it was a serious matter which he “can’t just sweep under the carpet”, though he was satisfied Lockyer’s behaviour was “out of character”.

A TWENTY year old woman who admitted assaulting her former boyfriend at a Lerwick nightspot has been fined £200.

Errin Birrell, of Lerwick’s Hill Grind, admitted repeatedly striking the man on the head and scratching him on the face and neck at Da Wheel Bar in the town on 28 January this year.

Lerwick Sheriff Court heard from procurator fiscal Duncan Mackenzie that the couple had a relatively brief relationship which left “a degree of ill feeling which endures between the two”.

Defence agent Gregor Kelly said that, because they regularly encounter one another on nights out, Birrell had texted the man with a view to finding a way of getting along, but when they met up “words were said and old wounds were reopened”.

He said that, while the assault did not cause injury, Birrell acknowledged her behaviour was unacceptable.

Sheriff Philip Mann said that if it had been her first offence he might have been minded to defer sentence.

While the other party “no doubt had a part to play”, she lost her temper and “behaviour of this kind, however it might start off, is wholly unacceptable”, the sheriff told her.