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Shop offers best of Unst

Kellie Naulls: 'It is just me and my laptop'

BRITAIN’s most northerly online shop is already making waves after going live two weeks ago.

Kellie Naulls, the woman behind the venture, said she created the Best of Unst website to engage with the island’s story and market its unique products.

The former tourism officer for Shetland’s most northerly island developed the website after her contract with the local development agency Unst Partnership came to an end.

The 51 year old said her website has already had a positive impact on the local craft market.

She said she had nothing but positive responses from islanders who wondered why no one had done something like this before.

“Now that the website is there people are coming to me and say ‘I really like to make a product and I had this idea for a long time but I didn’t have the skills myself to market and sell it’,” she said.

“I have a good feeling about it, it is an innovative approach living in a remote island area and will provide some extra income for local producers.”

She said she has some valuable advice from the Business Gateway, but no public money has gone into the venture. ‘It is just me and my laptop,” she said.

The Best of Unst website sells anything produced on the island ranging in price from a key ring for £1.99 to a fine lace scarf at £365.

Kellie said she was surprised and delighted when the first sale went through just six hours after she had launched the website.

She will heavily rely on social media to spread the word about the Best of Unst and has chosen Edmonston’s chickweed as her brand.

“It’s a hardy little plant and only grows here on the island – it really stood for the uniqueness of Unst,” she said.

She is using local models to promote the garments for sale and has also just started a blog to connect with her future customers.

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