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Althing’s speedy debate

A “SPEED debate” on a number of topics including Lerwick’s traffic calming measures and sexism will feature at the next Althing night this weekend.

The evening will see two teams of two be given just a matter of minutes to speak in favour of a number of motions – even if they don’t agree with them.

Chris Bunyan and Richard Forbes will team up together, while Donald Murray and Barbara Dinnage will feature on the opposing side.

The topics will include:

  • No more referendums, thanks very much
  • Speed bumps on da Esplanade are an abomination!
  • Sexist Shetland needs to get with the times
  • Councillors should be appointed, not elected

The Althing debate will take place at Lerwick’s Staney Hill Hall on Saturday at 7.30pm.


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