‘Ill-judged’ overtaking

A TAXI driver who overtook a vehicle while it was unsafe to do so has been given five penalty points and a fine of £350.

Aleksens Rassoha, of Gostagert, Sandness, admitted at Lerwick Sheriff Court on Thursday to committing the offence on the A971 at Whiteness on 30 April.

Procurator fiscal Duncan Mackenzie said the offence was “simply an ill-judged overtake manoeuvre”.


He said the 41 year old did not realise there was a second car in front of him when overtaking a vehicle near the Whiteness shop, meaning that the closest vehicle had to brake to allow him to return to the correct side the road.

Defence agent Tommy Allan said his client had previously been stuck behind slow moving traffic and thought the road was clear to overtake.

He said the car front pursued him to the taxi rank at Lerwick’s Victoria Pier and an “ugly scene” resulted.

Allan added that the charge was a “matter of honour” for Rassoha, who prided himself on being a safe driver and was worried his reputation as a taxi driver might be damaged.

Sheriff Philip Mann said the 41 year old did not need to worry about his reputation as most drivers understand incidents like these can happen.

Before sentencing, the sheriff said it was his duty to look after the safety of the public and told Rassoha to be “vigilant and careful” in the future.