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Costly lack of insurance

A MAN from Sandwick who told police in the back of an ambulance following a road collision that he had been driving while uninsured has been given six penalty points and a £300 fine.

At Lerwick Sheriff Court on Wednesday, Ryan Williamson, of Brakefield Road, admitted carrying out the offence on 31 December on the A970 between Lerwick and Gulberwick.

Procurator fiscal Duncan Mackenzie said the 26 year old’s car had been in a collision with another vehicle, at no fault of his own.

The plant operator sustained minor injuries and was taken into the back of an ambulance where he then admitted to police that he wasn’t insured on the vehicle.

Defence agent Tommy Allan said his client’s partner and child were both ill at the time and he took the car, which was written off after the collision, to pick up essentials in Lerwick.

He said the insurance had been changed when the vehicle had been purchased for reasons of “economy” and that Williamson was due to be added the cover not long after the collision took place.

“It was a stupid thing to do,” Sheriff Philip Mann said. “It’s cost you dearly up to now, and it’s about to cost you more.”

As Williamson already had three points on his licence, the sheriff warned him that any further road traffic offences would result in an automatic ban through the totting up procedure.

A SEVENTY nine year old man whose moment of “inattention” caused his car to collide with a pedestrian in the Co-op car park in Lerwick to her injury has been given three penalty points and a £200 fine.

John Isbister, of Fairview, Walls, admitted at Lerwick Sheriff Court to driving without due care or attention on 22 December.

Procurator fiscal Duncan Mackenzie said the “unfortunate incident” happened as the woman, who was then aged 74, walked through the car park.

He said she suffered a broken bone in her leg and needed metal plates inserted into her left ankle.

Defence agent Tommy Allan said his client had 62 years of driving experience without incident.

The DVLA confirmed with a doctor after the incident that Isbister was fit to drive, he said.

Allan added that the retired electrician tried in vain to contact the woman to apologise, but police were not able to give him her name.

Sheriff Philip Mann said he understood the crown’s position that the offence was the result of brief inattention.