Disruption warning

The passenger ferry Hjaltland leaving Lerwick harbour on Tuesday afternoon - Photo: Neil Riddell/Shetland News

LIFELINE operator NorthLink is asking customers to make alternative travel arrangements for Christmas as the approaching storm Barbara is likely to lead to cancellations on Friday and Saturday.

The company said on Tuesday afternoon that it expected severe disruptions and cancellations to its scheduled service.

“Customers should review their current booking arrangements in line with the information provided.


“We would strongly recommend that any passenger booked for travel on 23 or 24 December consider alternative travel arrangements,” a spokeswoman said.

NorthLink’s operational team will continue to review updated weather information and inform customers accordingly, she added.

Wednesday night’s sailings however are expected to operate.

However, the Hjaltland will leave Aberdeen at 11pm, four hours later than scheduled, to avoid the worst of the weather. Check-in time will stay the same at between 5pm and 6.30pm.

Meanwhile, the departure time of the Hrossey, due to sail from Lerwick to Kirkwall and Aberdeen at 5.30pm is likely to be brought forward to midday. An update is expected on Wednesday morning.

Scheduled sailings of both cargo vessels are currently under review.

On Monday, Loganair advised passengers who had flights booked the two days before Christmas that they could switch to an earlier travel date if they wish because of the gales forecast.