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Police’s winter patrols

Photo: Shetland News

THE POLICE will be increasing patrols in “vulnerable” areas across Shetland this winter in an attempt to counter opportunist thefts and break-ins.

A number of incidents have been reported in the isles in recent days, from donation money being stolen from Shetland Museum in Lerwick to business premises in Unst being broken into.

Police are reminding locals to remain vigilant to the threat of possible thieves this winter as the hours of daylight reduces.

They are asking residents to ensure their properties are “safe and secure”, including houses, cars, vehicles and workplaces.

Police Scotland youth volunteers will be leafleting around Shetland and giving advice about how best to stay safe.

Businesses are also encouraged to use bank night safe facilities, as well as securing windows.

They have also been asked to ensure any CCTV systems are correctly working.

In addition, anyone who has an alarm system have been told to ensure the police are notified should the alarm be activated.

The police have also encouraged anyone who witnesses suspicious behaviour, especially near commercial or business premises, to report what they have seen to the police.