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Get your flu jabs

NHS SHETLAND’s seasonal flu immunisation campaign started this week. The local health board are encouraging people aged over 65, as well as pregnant women and young people considered to be at high risk if they catch the flu, to get the jab.

Pre-school children aged between two and five and all primary school aged kids can receive the vaccination, mainly through a nasal spray.

A number of walk-in clinics are being held across Shetland in October and November before flu traditionally enters the community at the end of the year.

Dr Susan Laidlaw, consultant in public health medicine, said flu can be “extremely serious” for people at risk.

“Each year there are slightly different strains of seasonal [winter] ‘flu circulating in the community, this is why a new vaccine has to be given each year,” she said.

“The vaccine helps to protect people who are more vulnerable to ‘flu and the complications of ‘flu, including people over 65, those with certain medical conditions and pregnant women.”

All frontline NHS staff are also encouraged to get the jab.

Details of where to get the flu vaccination can be found here.