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New group wants allotments for Lerwick

The new group envisages creating allotments in Lerwick similar to a scheme already up and running in Sandwick. Photo: Steven Christie

A NEW group aiming to create community allotments in Lerwick has been launched.

A number of locals have come together as they believe there is land available in the town that could be used for sustainable gardening.

Lerwick Community Allotments, led by Denyse Harper and Lucy Wheeler, is drumming up support via the group’s Facebook page.

The group feels that creating allotments in Lerwick could support healthy lifestyles and boost community spirit.

The project takes inspiration from Sandwick’s successful community allotments in the village’s Houlland area.

Spokeswoman Harper said she and other members already have had a meeting with Shetland Islands Council’s carbon management team leader Mary Lisk.

“Following that meeting we felt encouraged and motivated that if we gather enough groups and households in Lerwick who are interested in renting and maintaining allotments then we may have a strong case when petitioning the council to allocate land to us,” she said.

No specific site has been earmarked as yet, but Harper feels there are a number of potential sites that could be used.

“If you would like to get a plot, join the committee or become involved in any way, we are having an initial meeting for the Lerwick Community Allotments group on Thursday 1 September at 7pm at Islesburgh Community centre,” she said.

“We welcome everyone with an interest in community development, sustainable gardening, and healthy living.

“With enough people we can make this happen.”

Scottish Parliament election, 6 May 2021