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Buffet bonanza

The Kev T Experience performing in Mareel on Thursday night. (L-R): Kevin Tulloch, James Johnson, Jamie Hatch, Lewie Peterson.

THE BAR in Lerwick’s Mareel was packed to the rafters on Thursday night as local promoters and podcasters Heavy Metal Buffet held a fundraising raffle and live music night.

A host of wide-ranging acts such as Quantana, Lisa Ward & The XXY and Big Time Quell performed as the Buffet team raised money for their annual two-day festival in August.

Much of the crowd began the night outside on the paving next to the sea as they lapped up the piercing sun, drinks in hand.

Among the prizes given away in the hotly contested raffle included two guitars, artwork, custom-made jackets and music albums and DVDs.

Heavy Metal Buffet’s Shetland Rock Festival will take place this year at the Lerwick Legion on 26 and 27 August, with a host of mainland talent such as Vasa, The Amorettes and Atlas: Empire set to perform.