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SIC’s artwork gift

Council convener Malcolm Bell accepts the artwork from Shetland Supports Refugees founder Wendy Sinclair (centre) and her daughter Lainey Sinclair (right).

ARTWORK has been donated to Lerwick’s Town Hall as a thank you for Shetland Islands Council’s backing of a refugee support group.

Shetland Supports Refugees handed over a copy of Deborah Sinclair’s original painting Unknown Soldier to council convener Malcolm Bell this week.

It featured in the group’s recent art auction in Lerwick, which raised £962 for Re-Act Scotland’s work in providing aid for refugees.

Shetland Supports Refugees founder Wendy Sinclair said the gift was a token of goodwill to the local authority for its help over the last year.

“This picture is our way to say thanks to the council for the support we’ve received from them since we started,” she said.

“At this particular time, it is important we all come together and show solidarity with refugees.”

Bell added: “I applaud the work Wendy Sinclair and Shetland Supports Refugees have done to highlight the human tragedy that is the current refugee crisis and am delighted that their recent exhibition, held to support the relief effort, was such a success.

“I am honoured to receive this powerful work of art from the group, and it will now be prominently displayed within the Town Hall.”