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Summer dance intensive

Kathryn Spence performing with dance partner Gordon Raeburn.

SHETLAND-born dancer and choreographer Kathryn Spence returns to the isles this summer to hold a series of dance workshops.

Spence, who has worked as far afield as the US, India and China and has helped shape a video for Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, said the classes will allow locals to build on their confidence and technique.

The Summer Dance Intensive sessions, being held at Lerwick’s Mareel, will be split into two age groups, with 15 to 26 year olds able to take part from 4 July and 11 to 14 year olds starting a week later.

Additional workshops for adults with Spence and local practitioners will also be held.

The classes will conclude with a showcase event featuring the participants and Shetland dance groups on 16 July.

Spence and her dance partner Gordon Raeburn will also give a performance.

“Each group will have a week to train and develop their dance technique, which we can put together alongside their ideas into choreography that will be showcased in July,” she said.

“I am developing a new work with another professional dancer to bring up to Shetland for the occasion.

“It’s a great opportunity for the professional and community dance worlds to collaborate, combine and share the stage, and I can’t wait to see what we will create with all the young people up there.”

Advanced booking for the workshops via Shetland Box Office is encouraged.

Some participants may be eligible for funding for the sessions, with Shetland Arts able to advise.

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