Batman climbs crane

Balazs Onhausz: 'I have always loved climbing'

MORRISON Construction has tightened security on its Anderson High School building site, in Lerwick, after a thrill seeker dressed up as Batman climbed one of the site’s two cranes to take a selfie, on 19 April.

Balazs Onhausz, an artist from Scalloway, was arrested by four police officers after returning safely to firm ground.

After being questioned and issued with a fixed penalty he was released later the same night.


On Monday a spokeswoman for Morrison Construction said: “Security has been tightened further as a result of this incident.”

Onhausz said: “I have always loved climbing, from when I was a kid. Whenever I see a tall building or object I just feel like I want to climb it.

“When I saw the cranes I didn’t see them as cranes, I just saw a new climbing challenge.

“There are people all over the world doing this sort of thing and there are some really creative photos – I like making my own, for me its an extension of my art.”