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Amenity trust’s boat store

Some of the boats being moved into place at the new store and workshop.

SHETLAND Museum’s collection of small boats has been rehomed to a purpose-built store and workshop at Lerwick’s Staney Hill.

The store was built using a grant from the Coastal Communities Fund, as well as funding from Shetland Amenity Trust.

It will help the museum more effectively maintain its collection of traditional boats, which features fourareens, two ship’s lifeboats and a yacht that was previously held in remote storage.

The funding will also be used to develop a boatbuilding apprenticeship scheme.

It will be the first haaf boat building course in Shetland since the 1960s.

The three-year SQA accredited scheme will combine classroom and practical learning.

Plans are now underway for an annual Shetland boat celebration, with could include open days at the new store as well as presentations and classes in rope making.

Shetland Amenity Trust general manager Jimmy Moncrieff commented: “It is important not only to safeguard these boats, but also to ensure the survival of the skills and knowledge required to build them.”