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Mareel packed for Star Wars premiere

Some fans even dressed up for the occasion with Shaun Scott transforming himself into the new villain Kylo Ren - Photos: Austin Taylor

SHETLAND movie lovers joined thousands around the country to enjoy the UK premiere of the new Star Wars film The Force Awakens at Lerwick’s Mareel in a rare midnight screening.

Shetland Arts manager Graeme Howell said that both Mareel cinemas were packed with a total of 200 folk to enjoy the visual feast that has been praised by some critics as the best in the sci-fi franchise so far.

... and Peter Ratter turning into Han Solo.

The screenings kicked off at 12.01am on Thursday as the Lerwick venue stayed open later than usual.


Themed cocktails were also on offer, while DJs Lyall Halcrow and John Collins performed Star Wars influenced sets in the cafe/bar before the film started.

“We had a brilliant night,” Howell said.

“There was a real sense of anticipation around the building and everyone was extremely pleased with what the ended up seeing.”

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is on in 2D and 3D at Mareel until 7 January.

There was a sense of anticipation around the building according Shetland Arts boss Graeme Howell