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Drop in road injuries

Shetland's chief inspector Lindsay Tulloch.

THE NUMBER of people injured in road accidents in Shetland was down by a third last year.

New figures released by the Scottish Government reveal that 29 people were injured in 2014 – a decrease from 47 in 2013.

The 2014 figure was the lowest number of casualties on Shetland roads since 2008, when 24 people were injured.

The data confirms that one person was killed in road traffic accidents in the isles in 2014.

Two people were seriously injured – the lowest number in the last ten years.

Shetland’s acting chief inspector Lindsay Tulloch said he feels efforts to educate young road users in the isles is having a positive impact on road safety.

However, he added the local police force continue to receive reports from the public about dangerous driving.

“Figures released by the Scottish Government today are very encouraging and I believe the road safety messages delivered through educational programmes such as Driving Ambitions with secondary school pupils and ongoing work of Shetland Islands Council’s road safety officer to recruit junior road safety officers in our primary schools is having a positive effect on keeping people safe on Shetland roads,” he said.

“We do continue to receive reports of careless driving on the roads including dangerous overtaking and speeding. We will fully investigate these reports and where evidence is available drivers will be charged.

“A police presence on Shetland roads will be maintained to target drink driving, inconsiderate and careless driving, drivers who speed, drive with out seatbelt or drive while using a mobile phone.

“We will work with partners and the public to further reduce the likelihood of injury to people using Shetland’s roads through education and enforcement of road traffic legislation.”