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Sustainable/Wir Shetland

SUSTAINABLE Shetland has rejected suggestions by Wir Shetland that the anti-Viking Energy campaign group was of the “same type of mindset” as the new group campaigning for greater autonomy.

During Wednesday’s inaugural meeting, chairman John Tulloch said Wir Shetland was hoping to build up a membership of 1,000 by Christmas and be able to force referenda on issues such as the wind farm project.

He repeated his views during interviews with BBC Radio Shetland on Thursday.

SuS vice-chairman James Mackenzie said it was “presumptuous and inaccurate” to claim that the group shared the same type of mindset that Wir Shetland is appealing to.

“Sustainable Shetland allies itself to no political party, and its aims and objectives are clearly stated in its constitution, which can be found at,” Mackenzie added.

Tulloch responded by saying Wir Shetland did not share Sustainable Shetland’s aims and objectives.

“We have our own. Indeed, it’s likely that we will differ on many issues,” he said.

“Wir Shetland is currently non-party political, welcoming concerned Shetlanders of any political hue and stand for democratic principles.

“Accordingly it is Wir Shetland policy that major projects such as the Viking Energy wind farm should be subject to public approval by referendum. That is Wir Shetland’s ‘type of mindset’. 

“Sustainable Shetland purport to possess a democratic, pro-Shetland, non-party political ‘type of mindset’. Perhaps they will explain how theirs differs from ours that we may accurately reappraise their standpoint and avoid future confusion.”