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Local lass helps create Pink Floyd star’s video

Kathryn Spence, from Lerwick, has forged an international career in dance.Kathryn Spence, from Lerwick, forged an international career in dance.

A SHETLANDER has helped choreograph a new music video from Pink Floyd guitarist and singer David Gilmour.

Kathryn Spence, 26, has forged a successful career in dance since leaving the isles for university in Glasgow eight years ago.

And it culminated recently in the former Shetland resident being headhunted to work on an upcoming video for Gilmour’s new solo track The Girl in the Yellow Dress.

Spence was tasked with assisting the choreography for the legendary musician’s clip, which was filmed in an underground restaurant in Brixton, London at the end of March.

“I have worked a lot with the choreographer who got offered the job, and she wanted me to work on it with her,” she said.

“She really wanted to use my organic approach to movement and enjoys what I get out of dancers. She also wanted someone to help make the decisions; with a big project, it’s always good to have a second opinion.”

 Kathryn Spence (right) with choreographer Alison Golding.

The former Lerwick lass, who is currently choreographing and teaching in Cambodia, said that filming the video was “really exciting”.

She added that the visual is set to be shown during Gilmour’s massive upcoming live shows at venues such as New York’s iconic Madison Square Garden.

“The dancers we chose move beautifully and the charisma between them was fantastic,” Spence said.

“The video was then animated, which I really love. I think this brings such a different quality to most dance based music videos.

“It’s also being projected behind David as he sings the song live on his world tour. I find this fact truly amazing. I can’t believe how many people will be seeing our work.”

While attending university in Glasgow, Spence worked with dance companies before being offered a place at the coveted Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London.

David Gilmour's Rattle That Lock world tour is now under way - Photo:

From there it has been a gradual climb up the career ladder – but there’s one region close to her heart that the globetrotting dancer wants to return to for work.

“I would really love to come back to Shetland, and of course to dance up there,” she said.

“There’s so much art already happening that it would be so great to collaborate, and to add to all that’s already going on.

“I’ve worked with all ages and would really love to do some projects there both in and out of schools, as well as using all the contacts I’ve made to allow whatever work was being done in Shetland to connect internationally.

“I was lucky enough this year to receive a residency position which allowed me to employ other dancers to make a piece. I would love to bring other dancers up to Shetland too, and put professional dance on the map up there.

“Maybe it will happen one day. Shetland will definitely always be home.”