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A number one for MacMillan

Before...and after: hairdresser Lorraine Sutherland tidies up Sue Skinner's new look that raised hundreds of pounds for the cancer charity MacMillan.

A CARE worker from Brae has raised more than £400 for MacMillan Cancer Support after having her locks removed as part of the charity’s Brave The Shave fundraising campaign.

Sue Skinner let colleagues at North Haven care centre take the clippers to her head on Friday in a bid to give something back to the organisation that has done much to help some of her friends and family.

“It took about 15 minutes, but I don’t know how many people had a shot,” she said, after local hairdresser Lorraine Sutherland from Snipz had “tidied” up her new hairstyle and everyone had enjoyed tea and fancies to celebrate.

“I’ve had a number one, and it feels a bit cold and drafty,” she said, adding that it had come as a shock when she saw what she looked like.

“When I saw one of the photos someone had taken on their iPad I thought, ‘how have they managed to get a picture of my brother Bob on that!’”

Sue is one of more than 20,000 “brave shavers” who have raised almost £1.8 million during the August campaign.

So far she has raised £430, more than four times her £100 target, with donations still coming in via the Brave the Shave webpage