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Letters / You have to wonder

Being the ex-partner of one of the people in these statistics (Alcohol-related deaths up; SN 20/8/15) I feel it necessary to comment on this news item.

I’m sure there is stigma attached to being addicted to alcohol/drugs when it comes to seeking help and I fully support awareness raising of these issues and also mental health awareness.

Yes, It is very important to seek help if you want to combat these illnesses, but I can’t stress how important it also is to have the right help and support.

When one hears: “I tried to get myself sectioned but they weren’t having it”, and then to find that same person dead a year or so later you have to wonder.

Another quote: “I really do want help but there is nothing they can do for me.”

That, coupled with being told there isn’t the money/facilities on the isles by health professionals, also makes me wonder if everything was being done.

I must conclude, from my own experiences with the mental health provision in Shetland, that it was not.

Debra Nicolson