Bruck Monster video aims to reduce littering

A LIGHT-HEARTED and amusing promotional video aimed at raising awareness of the need to reduce litter in the islands, ‘Curse of the Bruck Monster’, has been unveiled online.

Shetland Amenity Trust has released the film, the concept of school pupils at Anderson and Brae high schools and created by local filmmaker JJ Jamieson, to champion its ‘Dunna Chuck Bruck’ campaign.


It follows the film’s launch at Mareel a couple of weeks ago.

Shetland Arts marketing manager Lauren Doughton said: “We’ve been running ‘The Curse of the Bruck Monster’ in front of all of our films for the past two weeks, and the response from the audience has been great.

“We’ve even had a few shrieks and squeals when the monster is revealed! We’re going to show it in front of films until the end of the school holidays, and we hope it will make audiences think twice about what they do with their sweetie and popcorn wrappers when they leave the cinema.”

For the past few weeks the amenity trust has been releasing promotional “outtake’ clips and other Bruck Monster-related posts on its Dunna Chuck Bruck Facebook page and the response has been “fantastic”.

The trust hopes the film will get an even better response and it also has a few more promotional ideas and “shenanigans” to be unveiled over the coming weeks “to help get the Dunna Chuck Bruck message across and inspire those who may litter to think again”.