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Ultra walk for charity

Adam Grzyb 'we have people in Shetland who need help'.

A LERWICK fundraiser is looking for volunteers to take part in a charity walk from North Roe to Sumburgh later this month.

Adam Grzyb, 29, is organising the Shetland Ultra Walk to raise money for the local branches of British Red Cross and CLAN Cancer Support.

The event is split into ten stages and will take place on 18 July. People are encouraged to register their interest in taking part in at least one leg, which opens with a 16.2 mile walk from the North Roe Primary School to the Brae High School.

The public are also invited to support the cause by donating funds with sponsorship forms, collection cans and door to door fundraising in Lerwick expected in the coming weeks.

An online donation page will also soon be available. Grzyb, who is a volunteer at the local British Red Cross branch, said his main inspiration for organising the ultra walk was the fact that “people in crisis” were regularly ignored.

“We have people in Shetland who need help,” he said. “Are they getting it? In a small amount yes, but it is not enough. “Walking such a distance will take everyone out of their comfort zone.

“We often think ‘it will never happen in Shetland’ – the problem is that it might. And this is the reason why we should support our local branches.”

He praised the work of CLAN in giving support to cancer patients and their families in Aberdeen and closer to home.

The second stage of the walk is planned for Brae High School to Voe’s Tagon Stores, before it heads to the Halfway House.

The next stop is Laxfirth bus stop, with the route then progressing to the B9073 junction at the Black Gaet before having a pit stop at the Fladdabister bus stop.

The fundraisers will continue to Sandwick before stopping off in Levenwick and then the G&M Mainland shop in Dunrossness.

The walk will then undertake its final leg as it finishes up at the Sumburgh Head lighthouse. More details on the routes can be found on the Shetland Ultra Walk for Charity Facebook group.